Recruitment Process @ AGIA


Since hiring the right people is the most important goal of our recruitment team, we’ve put together an overview of our process to answer frequently asked questions.

Q.How long does the recruitment process take?


Our typical process lasts 6-8 weeks. Please remember, however, that length of time varies based on number of candidates considered, the total job openings with AGIA, availability of interviewers and level of position.

Q.Will I be notified during the process?


We make every effort to keep candidates informed of where they stand in the recruitment process along the way.

  • If you are selected to continue in the hiring process, a recruiter will contact you by telephone.
  • Should you be selected to join AGIA, your employment is contingent upon verification of past employment, satisfactory background and reference checks, and documentation of your legal right to work in the United States.
  • If you are not selected to continue in the hiring process, you will be notified via email, telephone, or written correspondence.


Q.How are interviews structured?


Interview structure varies by position and may include a group, panel or a one-on-one setting. We value teamwork, so your interview may be conducted utilizing team members from different departments to give you a variety of perspectives and to explore how the open position relates to other departmental functions. Each interview offers both you and AGIA the opportunity to check compatibility with AGIA culture and values.

Q.What steps can I expect?


Candidates can expect a thorough process including these four steps:

  • Step 1: Initial phone interview with a Recruiter
  • Step 2: In person interview with the Hiring Manager
  • Step 3: Job related testing
  • Step 4: Final interview on site

AGIA is an equal employment opportunity employer.

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